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      (be sure to read these AND the AutoSync installation instructions first before contacting support)


      "I just plugged my AutoSync in for the first time on my 2017+ K2xx (IO5/IO6 radio) vehicle and when I try to open the AutoSync menu, the screen is blank"

      2017+ vehicles have a Serial Data Gateway Module that blocks display messages from the AutoSync. You can either buy the plug-and-play harness (CLICK HERE) or you can do the wiring mod yourself.

      It is highly recommended to buy the harness to make the job much easier, however if you are comfortable with wiring and swapping pins on connectors, (CLICK HERE) for the DIY. The pins are delicate so please be careful if you go the DIY route

      YouTube DIY to further assist with the 2017+ SDGM bypass harness installation:

      YouTube video showing SDGM location under dash:


      "I did the SDGM wiring/connector bypass modification on my 2017+ truck and now the instrument cluster gauges are dead and I have warning lights on"

      The SDGM bypass mod was not done correctly, or a pin got broken/bent, or one of the SDGM connectors isnt fully seated. Remove the SDGM connector and make sure none of the pins are broken/bent.


      "The menus dont come up on my 2019+ T1xx pickup truck, 2019+ Colorado/Canyon, and I cant find the SDGM under the dash".

      The AutoSync does NOT support on-screen-menus on T1xx (2019+ 1500 pickup truck, 2020+ HD pickup truck) and 2019+ Colorado with the next-gen infotainment system. The AutoSync on-screen-menus only work on vehicles with the IO4 / IO5 / IO6 infotainment system (check your glovebox RPO code sticker)


      "The turn signal backup camera doesnt work, it just comes up as a blue screen"

      THIS IS BY FAR THE MOST COMMON QUESTION. You need to do the tailgate camera wiring harness modification (YouTube link below), OR you can buy a pre-made plug-and-play harness (CLICK HERE).

      YouTube DIY explaining the tailgate backup camera wiring modification:

      THIS IS NOT THE SAME HARNESS MOD AS THE SDGM HARNESS MOD MENTIONED ABOVE. This is to do with the backup camera/tailgate wiring harness.


      "How do I register my AutoSync?"

      You must create an account at and register your AutoSync. NOTE: the AutoSync portal is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT website than this website you are on now (

      The easiest method for registering your AutoSync is simply to just scan the QR code on the AutoSync sticker with your phone.


      "I dont see my AutoSync on my account page"


      First, be sure you are on the correct website (, and then be sure that you have setup your AutoSync correctly and paired it to your home WiFi network. The AutoSync instructions explain the WiFi pairing/setup procedure.

      NOTE: You only have to do the WiFi setup procedure with your phone ONE TIME. After the initial setup, the AutoSync will save your WiFi network name/password from then on.


      "I dont see my vehicle on my AutoSync profile page"

      If you have just setup your AutoSync for the first time, your vehicle may not appear right away on your profile. The AutoSync has to do a WiFi server update after it has already been plugged into the vehicle, in order to send in the vehicle info and create it on your profile.


      "The AutoSync firmware update isnt working, or freezes"

      If the in-vehicle firmware update procedure doesnt seem to work, gives an error, or freezes up, it most likely means that the WiFi signal is too weak. Take the AutoSync inside your house near your WiFi router, and plug it into USB power to do the "offboard update". You do not need to plug the AutoSync into a laptop, it only needs power...a USB phone charger cube works fine.


      "Im trying to update my BCM tunes and it says 'rate limit exceeded' on the screen"

      There is a certain variable daily/monthly limit on how many times you can download new/updated BCM tunes (to reduce server load/abuse). It is best to preset ALL of your BCM tune settings/configurations at once, so you only have to do one tune file download/reflash. If you get the rate limit exceeded message, please wait 24 hours and try the download again.


      "Im flashing my EBCM (ABS module) tunes and I get the "Error: 17 -- Step: 14" message"

      Not all EBCM tune settings are compatible with all EBCM operating systems/software. This error means that you have selected a tune option/setting that is incompatible with your particular truck.

      I have tried my best to disable individual settings for specific trucks that have known incompatibilities, however due to the huge number of vehicles/software combinations, some get missed. Be sure to thoroughly read all of the tune setting descriptions to make sure there are no compatibility notes that might apply to your vehicle. Carefully review ALL of the changes you have to the ABS module tuning, fix any errors, and try the download again.


      "The AutoSync menu only comes up with the key on engine off (K2xx)"

      The key on engine off, and engine running methods for activating the AutoSync menu are different. Key on engine off: cruise control CANCEL button. Engine running: press the rear defrost button 4x in a row.


       "I was in the middle of flashing my BCM and the AutoSync got unplugged, or the flash failed, and now my truck wont start"

      The AutoSync has a special BCM recovery mode for these situations. First cycle the ignition OFF for 5 seconds, unplug the AutoSync. Then cycle the ignition ON. Press and hold the accelerator pedal to the floor, and while holding it, plug the AutoSync in. Keep holding the accelerator pedal (you will see the LED on the AutoSync flash red/blue/etc). After a minute or two, the LED on the AutoSync should flash rapid-blue, and the truck should come alive again and all of the instrument cluster warning messages should disappear. Release the accelerator pedal and cycle the ignition off for 30 seconds.

      You can now retry the modified-tune BCM flash again. If it fails a second time the same way it did the first time, contact support. DO NOT keep retrying the flash.


      "I bought a used AutoSync, what do I do"

      First, create an account at, be sure to enter your AutoSync serial number (or scan the QR code on the AutoSync). Plug the AutoSync into your truck and verify everything is working properly. DO NOT CONNECT THE AUTOSYNC TO WIFI YET.

      Contact us ( and let us know that you bought the AutoSync used and want to transfer it to your new account. We will transfer it, and once thats done, you can then do the normal WiFi setup procedure explained in the AutoSync instructions. Once the WiFi has been setup, you should see your vehicle and AutoSync on your account portal at NOTE: When doing the WiFi setup procedure on a used AutoSync, it might take longer (up to 1 minute) for the WiFi network "AutoSync" to appear on your phone.


       "Can I use the AutoSync on multiple vehicles"

      Yes! You can use the AutoSync on as many vehicles as you want, as long as the AutoSync is the proper model for the vehicle (for example a 2007-2014 AutoSync will not work on a 2016 truck). Keep in mind that 2017+ IO5/IO6 vehicles require the SDGM bypass harness/wiring mod, so if you are swapping the AutoSync between two 2017 vehicles, they will both need to have the SDGM mod done. You can leave the SDGM mod permanently installed in the vehicle, even if the AutoSync is unplugged.

      BCM tune licenses are tied to a VIN and will not transfer between vehicles.

      One AutoSync can tune multiple BCM's, however you will have to buy an additional BCM tuning license for each vehicle.