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    BT DieselWorks, LLC specializes in engineering custom electronics and performance-enhancing devices for all Duramax Diesel-powered Chevrolet and GMC full size pickup trucks. Started in January 2010 by Ben Tyler, the business has both enjoyed success and worked to overcome challenges to make BT DieselWorks into what it is today.

    We have revolutionized the market with many new ideas and designs that have helped our customers' trucks run faster ET's at the drag strip, and pull the sled further distances at the track.

    Our products are being run on many of the top-performing competition trucks all over the country and we are proud to be a part of the highest-level Duramax performance arena.

    The BT DieselWorks Allison torque-converter lockup controllers in particular have been a huge breakthrough in conquering one of the most frustrating hurdles of the Allison transmission in big-power competition applications. We were the first to design and introduce a viable torque-converter lockup controller to the Duramax/Allison performance market, and we continue to lead the way in new developments and improvements to our electronic modules.
    In addition to the Allison torque-converter lockup controllers, we offer many other unique and industry-first electronic modules to enhance the functionality of your truck.

    As well as designing and producing electronic modules, we also offer customized EFILive tuning from mild fuel-economy tunes to all-out race tuning. We have many years more experience than other so-called "tuners", as BT DieselWorks was one of the several original EFILive beta testers. We have been custom-tuning the Duramax engines since late 2005/early 2006

    The "nuts and bolts division" of BT DieselWorks also offers customized performance Allison transmission rebuilds. I have personally been building high-performance Allison transmissions for over 6 years, and after all of the transmissions I have built, the most important thing I can stress is that there is a difference between "assembling an Allison" and "building an Allison". Anyone can buy a high-performance rebuild kit and throw it in their transmission, but do they know the specifics of what to modify and what to set clearances at to make a good built transmission a great built transmission? A fully-built transmission deserves to be given a good workout, which is why BT DieselWorks also does high-performance custom engine rebuilds. From basic "weekend warrior" budget builds to all-out maximum effort race builds, we can build whatever you want.

    Most of all, we would like to thank our customers all over the country for all of the business and word-of-mouth advertising both on and off the diesel internet forums. Your support is what helps drive BT DieselWorks Duramax research and development to the next level, so we can continue to help give your truck the best performance possible.

    Feel free to browse the website for further info/products/developments, and be sure to "Like" our Facebook page (line below on the webpage footer) to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and new product news!
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