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      2007-2014 AutoSync Instructions

      AutoSync quick-start guides

      (read these first before using the AutoSync!)


      AutoSync G2 next-generation instructions

      (smaller enclosure, USB-C connector, buttons on the side of unit)

      AutoSync first generation instructions

      (one LED, buttons on the top of the unit, Nov-2021 and older)
      NOTE: Due to large firmware revisions over the years, there are several installation guides that are specific to which firmware is installed on your first-gen AutoSync.

      To find the serial number, go to the AutoSync config menu (key on engine off, cruise control ON, press and hold cruise + button and tapshift + button together for several seconds until the menu appears in the DIC. Use the tapshift +/- buttons to scroll to the page that shows AutoSync serial number/firmware.

      NOTE: If you have post-June-2019, firmware v2.00 or higher unit, you must first read the AutoSync quick-start guide, CLICK HERE!