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      If you are having issues getting your AutoSync connected to WiFi using the BT DieselWorks AutoSync app, please follow the steps below:

      • Before running any WiFi setup procedures on the AutoSync, you must first create an account at and register the AutoSync (scan the QR code on the AutoSync serial number sticker).
      • Is the LED on the AutoSync illuminated green? When the AutoSync is first plugged into USB power, the LED will illuminate blue for roughly 10 seconds, and then turn green. The green LED means that the AutoSync is in WiFi setup mode or searching for saved WiFi networks. Wait until the LED turns green before trying to connect to the AutoSync using the BT DieselWorks phone app.
      • If the LED does not illuminate at all when plugging into USB power, double check that your USB power supply (phone charger cube) is working, and can supply at least 1 amp (1000mA). If the LED still does not illuminate, first try another USB charger cube. If the LED still does not illuminate, try plugging the AutoSync into the OBD port of your vehicle. If the LED still does not come on, the AutoSync is damaged internally and must be sent in for repair.
      • Be sure that you have checked your WiFi router/network for proper functional internet connectivity.
      • Be sure your WiFi network is 2.4GHz, the AutoSync does not support 5GHz WiFi networks.
      • Be sure you are typing your WiFi password correctly, note that WiFi passwords are case-sensitive!