Allison Torque-Converter Lockup Controller

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    This control module was designed to override the TCM and allow full manual control of the Allison torque converter clutch at any time while driving. Full factory/automatic mode is still retained for normal driving, but in the event that you want to immediately lock or unlock the converter, you can do so at the push of a button, regardless of what the current state of the TCM and TCC solenoid is.

    Over the past several years, the BT DieselWorks Allison torque converter lockup controller has become very well known and proven to be very successful in the Duramax/Allison sled-pulling and drag racing world.

    Both sled pullers and drag racers alike will find this module very useful. Depending on the converter and TCM programming, sometimes lockup is not actually achieved until 60+ MPH and the top of 3rd gear. This is extremely counter productive and wastes power. It is a well known fact that the Allison TCM sometimes does not do what it is told or programmed to do…under high HP conditions during drag racing or sled pulling, TCC lockup (among other things) can be extremely unpredictable. The BT DieselWorks Allison TCC lockup switch removes all doubt as to when the TCC will actually lockup and unlock.

    The module is fully microprocessor-controlled and has many "smart" features, as well as various user-programmable options to make it both effective and intuitive to use. The BT DieselWorks lockup controller incorporates a solid-state PWM (pulse width modulated) driver so the TCC solenoid is controlled in an identical manner to which the factory Allison TCM controls the solenoid. Proper ramp-up/apply is maintained for a factory lockup "feel", as well as smart protection algorithms to prevent damage to the TCC solenoid and to allow proper safety features such as brake-pedal/ABS override.

    In addition to the full-manual/on-demand "lock" and "unlock" control, the BT DieselWorks torque converter lockup controller also has an "automatic" mode that, when 'armed', will automatically force-lock the converter whenever wide-open-throttle and 2nd gear is attained. This provides an excellent "hands-free" "set it and forget it" method of insuring consistent lockup under drag racing (or sled-pulling) conditions, when it might be distracting to have to push a button when torque-converter lockup is desired. Throttle position and current-gear status are electronically monitored by the module, so there are no finicky micro-switches or other mechanical devices to mount on the accelerator pedal. Great for bracket racers where consistency is essential!

   The "automatic" mode also includes the ability to have a specified time-delay programmed into the lockup controller. For trucks running large aftermarket turbos or twin-turbos, it is sometimes undesirable to have automatic lockup occur too soon at the bottom of 2nd gear because the turbo is not yet fully spooled. Premature automatic force-lockup can sometimes cause the truck to bog down. For these applications, you can program in a delay, anywhere from 1 second to 5 seconds. What this means is that when automatic mode is engaged, as soon as the truck shifts into 2nd gear, there will be an additional time-delay before the lockup controller commands force-lockup.


    Everything needed to install the module is included in the kit. There is a small box that mounts under the dash, a modular harness that interfaces with the TCM connectors, and a hand-held remote control with lockup-controller status indicator LED. Wires are color coded for easy installation with basic hand-tools.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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