2wd to 4wd conversion harness

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For those who wish to convert their 2 wheel drive truck to factory push-button 4 wheel drive, BT DieselWorks has the solution!

The "interior" portion of the wiring harness for the push-button 4wd system is NOT available from the dealer. It is fully integrated with the entire cab/dash wiring harness, and is only sold as one extremely expensive assembly. What we do is build a custom "standalone" wiring harness for the transfer case control module, push-button 4x4 switch, to easily connect to a factory-4wd chassis harness. You supply us with the chassis harness from a 4wd truck (available cheap from most junk yards), and we custom build the interior mating portion from scratch using all new wire, loom, and connectors. This will give you a 99% plug-and-play solution to adding push-button 4x4 to your truck. Only two wires need to be spliced; a data-bus wire at the OBD port, and a instrument panel lights dimmer wire at the headlight switch. The rest is plug-and-play, even the factory "4WD" and "TREC" fuses in the underhood fuse box are utilized for a clean, factory-like installation.

As with all BT DieselWorks custom wiring harnesses, only the best made-in-USA parts are used: automotive-grade TXL wire, 3M Super 33+ tape, Delphi connectors/pins, and USA-made wire loom.

The entire assembly is wrapped in new loom and 3M tape for a factory-original professional appearance.

NOTE: This includes the wiring harness only. 4x4 switch assembly, transfer case control module, transfer case, front differential, etc are not included. The buyer MUST provide the "chassis" transfer case 4wd harness as well, to be adapted to the new custom interior/dash side 4x4 harness.

Feel free to email us with any questions, and please contact us prior to purchasing this to arrange shipping/harness production.


Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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