20-gauge TXL automotive wire

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20-gauge TXL automotive wire. Available in multiple colors. Not all colors are kept in stock, please allow several extra days for delivery. If you need wire right away and are planning on paying for expedited shipping, feel free to send us an email and we can tell you if the wire you need is in stock and ready to ship same-day.

A note about BT DieselWorks TXL wire...

This "TXL" wire is NOT THE SAME wire that you buy at local auto parts stores! The so-called "automotive primary wire" that you find at local parts stores/RadioShack/etc is NOT rated to OEM specs for automotive wiring. This cheap common "primary wire" does not have the same high-heat/flammability rating, the insulation is not as resistive to oil/grease/chemicals, and the wire itself is not as flexible as genuine automotive "TXL" wire. Even just holding the two in your hand, you know how the OEM wiring in your truck just has a certain "feel" that the generic "primary wire" lacks...the "TXL" wire that we sell is the real deal! Not to mention, we stock many hard-to-find colors so you can make your installation clean and match up with factory wiring colors.

Additional colors/custom striping available by request!


Sold in 5' increments. (if you select "1 unit", you will get 5' of wire, if you select "2 units", you will get 10' of wire, etc)

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

All BT DieselWorks-manufactured products are fully-warrantied for 1 year. Products from other manufacturers may or may not have specific warranties. See individual product descriptions for details. -------- All sales are final. Returns will be given as full price in store credit, or money refund plus 40% restocking fee.

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