BT DieselWorks, custom TCM tuning

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 BT DieselWorks custom TCM tune, shift points, tire size, shift firmness, TCC lockup control,

Must return your stock TCM for core credit. Price does not include actual TCM. Buyer pays shipping both ways.


Also available is custom standalone programming to allow you to keep tow/haul mode and overdrive lockout functional WITHOUT needing to keep the factory BCM wired up! Great for Duramax/Allison swaps. Use a simple push button and LED indicator light for overdrive lockout and tow/haul. Available for 5-speed only at this time, sorry!



Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

All BT DieselWorks-manufactured products are fully-warrantied for 1 year. Products from other manufacturers may or may not have specific warranties. See individual product descriptions for details. -------- All sales are final. Returns will be given as full price in store credit, or money refund plus 40% restocking fee.

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