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If you own a 2001-2005 5-speed Allison in your GM pickup truck and are frustrated with the lack of easy push-button gear selection that the 2006+ trucks have, BT DieselWorks has the solution.

With the BT DieselWorks "TapShift" kit, you can now add this handy 2006+ 6-speed Allison feature to your 2001-2005 5-speed Allison transmission.

A 2006+ style factory shifter with the "+/-" shift buttons is included in the kit and easily bolts in place of the stock 2001-2005 shifter. The module uses factory Delphi connectors for the shifter, so no cutting/splicing is required. Factory Delphi pins are also used on the TCM-interface harness, so there is no cutting of the factory TCM harness, making it easy to return the truck to stock at any time.

The BT DieselWorks TapShift kit also has several exclusive features that set it apart from competitors' products:

-Selectable manual/auto mode: by holding the - or + button on the shifter for several seconds, you can easily enable/disable "TapShift" mode on the fly. What this does is prevent inadvertent button presses from shifting the transmission when not desired. (similar to the 2006+ trucks, where you have to deliberately select "manual" mode in order for the + and - buttons to work)

-Custom LED gear-indicator display: This features a numerical LED display that will show your current/selected gear when in "manual" mode. Rather than having to squint at the factory "PRND321" display to see what gear you have selected with the TapShift, you can quickly and easily see at a glance which gear you are in, displayed on a large 1" tall numerical display. The display is available in red, green, or blue to suit your personal preference, or to match your other interior back-lighting.

-Sled-pulling mode: What this feature does is allow you to custom program a "top-gear" (2nd,3rd, or 4th) limiter, so once you have reached your programmed limit, even an additional push of the "+" button will NOT allow an upshift. For example, if pull in 3rd gear, you can run down the track and tap-up manually to 3rd gear and no higher. If you accidentally press the "+" button a 4th time, the TapShift module will still hold you in 3rd gear, as an accidental shift to 4th gear could result in the truck bogging down and not being able to pull the distance it would pull in 3rd gear. This "sled-pulling mode" is easily turned on and off, so for normal street driving, you can disable the "gear limit" mode, and be able to manually shift through ALL of the gears.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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