"smart" Wide-Open-Throttle switch

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The BT DieselWorks Smart Wide-Open-Throttle (WOT) switch is a much improved, easier to install, more reliable, and easier to adjust version of the age-old "WOT micro switch". Perfect for nitrous, propane, water-meth, or other accessories that need to be automatically activated whenever the truck is at WOT.

Traditional WOT switches used mini lever-micro switches that were mounted to the accelerator pedal assembly, and when the accelerator pedal is pressed to the floor, the pedal arm physically acts on the micro switch. These switches have several issues. They can be difficult to install, sometimes requiring custom brackets and/or modifications to the pedal assembly itself, they are susceptible to damage (from water/dirt/snow/slush that might be on your shoes), and can be unexpectedly knocked out of place, which can cause unintended triggering, or lack of triggering altogether.

Almost all vehicles today use electronic throttle control, or "drive-by-wire", in which the accelerator pedal is effectively a series of potentiometers (a type of rheostat, more or less) that continuously varies the voltage signal returned to the ECM based on pedal position. The BT DieselWorks smart WOT switch uses a microprocessor to simply passively-monitor this throttle-pedal signal, and when the conditions are met (>95% throttle), a small relay is triggered, which can then be used to trigger your nitrous, etc. The relay has a capacity of 2 amps, but larger loads can be switched with the addition of a second, larger relay.

The WOT switch is also programmable. You can program the module to activate the relay at any throttle position, not just 100% throttle. For example if you want to start turning on water-meth injection at ~50% throttle, the module can be programmed as such.

Installs easily with simple hand tools, and the wiring is color coded to match factory wiring.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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