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The BT DieselWorks "SmarTurn" module is designed to add the "one-touch lane change" feature that many new vehicles have (such as the 2007.5+ GM trucks) to the 2003-2007 GMT-800 pickup trucks and SUV's!


With this module installed, when you want to make a highway lane change, all you have to do is momentarily tap the turn signal lever once and the appropriate turn signal will flash 3 times and then automatically shut off/self-cancel. Saves the (sometimes distracting) effort of holding your hand/finger on the lever while making a highway lane-change, especially when towing a trailer. Also reduces the chance of accidentally leaving your turn signal on!


Otherwise, the turn-signals function normally (when the lever is clicked all the way into the "hold" position, the blinkers turn on and stay on until the lever is physically moved back to 'neutral'), of course. If you have the turn signal on constantly (like turning at an intersection), and then click them off, the module has smart-logic to recognize this, and the turn signal will cancel immediately; it will NOT obnoxiously blink an extra 3 times.


There is an additional programming feature that allows you to increase the pre-programmed number of "blinks" to a higher number than 3 if you wish.
The turn signal interface wiring is designed to be "plug and play". You do NOT have to cut any wires and its very easy to go back to stock/factory at any time. Works with all 2003-2007 GMT-800 pickup trucks, as well as SUV's (tahoe/suburban/escalade/denali/yukon), gas and diesel! If you have multiple GM trucks/SUV's, contact us for a package discount!



Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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