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    BT DieselWorks can easily source almost any OEM Delphi electrical connector/plug/pins used in your GM pickup/SUV!

These are all OEM Delphi-branded connectors and pins, NOT aftermarket reproductions. Perfect for replacing an individual damaged connector, saving you the cost of buying a complete new harness!

    Why buy your connectors/pins here instead of your local dealer? BT DieselWorks can not only source these connectors MANY times cheaper than the dealer, we also have years of extensive knowledge working with the GM/Delphi electrical systems which insures that you get the correct part the first time! Most of the time, dealer parts departments have very little experience in terms of recognizing and working with Delphi electrical connectors, and the GM dealer parts catalogs are generally very vague in describing connector application/usage/type. Unfortunately this usually results in waiting several days for a connector to arrive, only to find that it is not even the correct connector to begin with.

    Save yourself the time of unnecessary trips to the dealer, and the frustration of receiving overpriced, incorrect parts. Contact us today with your inquiry. Most of the time all that is needed to match the correct part is vehicle model/year, and a general description/location of the connector on the vehicle. For example "I need a TCM connector for a 5-speed Allison" or "I need an instrument cluster connector for a 2005 Silverado" or "I need a MAF sensor connector for a 2001 Duramax".

Connector matching is fully guaranteed! If the connector is incorrect, simply return it for a full refund, or exchange with the correct connector. Not all connectors are stocked, please allow several extra days for delivery.

For connector inquires, price quotes, or if you simply need help in identifying a connector, feel free to contact us at sales@btdieselworks.com

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

All BT DieselWorks-manufactured products are fully-warrantied for 1 year. Products from other manufacturers may or may not have specific warranties. See individual product descriptions for details. -------- All sales are final. Returns will be given as full price in store credit, or money refund plus 40% restocking fee.

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