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    "LightSaver" smart headlight-control was designed to not only add convenience to your truck's automatic headlight control feature, but to save you money as well! At night time, when the truck is started, the lights are automatically turned on at key-on, then when the key is turned to crank/start, the headlights are turned off, and then when the engine starts, the lights are turned back on. Once switched on, HID lights need to be given at least 30 seconds to properly warm-up and allow the arc to stabilize and ballast to transition to "steady-state" running mode. If the HID lights are turned off before this "steady-state" mode is attained, it can be damaging to the bulbs (technically an HID 'bulb' is called a capsule) and the ballasts. Over time, this rapid repeated ON-OFF-ON sequence will cause premature failure of the capsules and/or ballasts, thus needlessly costing you extra money. Until now, the only answer was to completely disable the automatic headlight feature completely, which can be a nuisance because with the automatic ambient light sensor disabled, approach lights, interior dash lights at key-on, and several other features that are integrated into the factory automatic-light-control are lost.

    Now you can retain all the convenience features of the factory automatic headlight control, while simultaneously protecting your HID's from premature failure. Two different programming settings are available, for even "smarter" headlight operation!

    The first program setting will simple temporarily disable your automatic headlights at night (parking lights will still come on at key-on-engine-off though) until the engine is started. Once the engine is running, automatic headlight control is immediately returned to normal factory function.

    The second program setting will disable the automatic headlights (keeping the lights off, same as the first program setting described above) at key-on, however, the headlights will remain OFF (however the parking lights will remain on) until you shift the truck out of park. As soon as the truck is shifted out of park, the headlights will immediately turn on and return to normal factory automatic operation. This is a great feature for hunting/camping/night-workers who want to start their truck and allow it to warm up in the darkness without the automatic headlights immediately coming on and disturbing others. Also works great with remote-start, allowing you to remote-start your truck from indoors late at night/early in the morning without the bright headlights automatically coming on right away and causing a nuisance.

    Heated-seat control (currently only available for 2003+ trucks) is another option that can be integrated into the LightSaver module, which will automatically turn-on your heated seats when the temperature is below ~40*F, another great feature for owners with remote-start modules. 

    Installs easily with simple hand tools, wires are color coded for easy identification. Please select year of truck, and if the heated-seat feature is desired.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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