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The factory-option steering wheel controls on the 2003+ GM full-size trucks/SUV's is a great feature for increased safety while driving. However, wouldn't it be great if you could "reassign" some of those buttons to perform additional/aftermarket functions? Or, perhaps you have an aftermarket radio, and the factory steering wheel controls are now useless?

With the BT DieselWorks steering-wheel-control interface module, now you can take-over control of the factory steering wheel buttons! The possibilities are endless; nitrous trigger, air-horn control, high/low-beam headlight control, winch control, snow-plow control, manual shifting, etc...

Steering wheel control function (factory vs. aux mode) can be controlled several different ways:

1. Automatically controlled by radio-power status; when the radio is on, steering wheel buttons control the radio, when the radio is off, steering wheel buttons control your auxiliary functions.

2. Manually controlled via discrete toggle switch. Swap back and forth between factory configuration and auxiliary configuration at will.

3. Permanently fixed to control auxiliary functions (perfect if you have an aftermarket radio with which the factory controls no longer work)

Four standard general-purpose double-pole/double-throw relay outputs are provided on the module, with a maximum current capacity of 2 amps per channel. Both normally open and normally closed terminals are provided, and the outputs are programmable so you can set the triggers to be momentary (the output is only "on" as long as the appropriate steering wheel button is held) or latching (press once for "on", press again for "off")

Installation is easy with basic hand-tools, and the provided wires are color-coded to match factory wiring.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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