Tahoe/Suburban sun visor add-on kit

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If you drive a 1999-2007 Silverado or Sierra and have ever been in a Suburban/Tahoe/Escalade/Yukon, you know that the pickup trucks got short-changed in the sun-visor department! The pickup trucks have no mirror at all on the driver-side sun visor, and the passenger side has a small mirror with no cover or lights.

On the SUV's, both driver and passenger side sun-visors have large mirrors with flip-open covers, and dual lights as well.

A popular modification to the pickup trucks is to add the much nicer SUV-style sun visors. However the SUV sun visor has a special connector for the light, and there is very little extra slack to cut the connector off and mess around with splicing new wires on. The BT DieselWorks SUV sun-visor add-on kit includes a custom plug-and-play wiring harness to make your SUV sun-visor install go smoothly with as little effort as possible. NOTE: SUN-VISORS THEMSELVES ARE NOT INCLUDED. However you can generally find nice-condition, used SUV sun-visors for $30-$50 at most junk yards, or online used-parts dealers.


Custom wiring harness with plug-and-play lighting connectors for both driver and passenger side SUV sun-visors.

Wire-tap kit to tie the sun-visor lights into your retained-accessory-power circuit, so in the event that any of the sun-visor lights are accidentally left "on" with the truck off, they will not drain your battery down.

Installation instructions.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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