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We all have various aftermarket accessories on our trucks, most of which require switched +12volt power and ground! If you have more than a few aftermarket accessories, you know that your fuse box and under dash wiring can turn into a huge rats nest of wiring, messy connections, loose splices, etc.

Usually if you wanted to make your accessory power/ground ties a little bit neater, you could use one of those traditional "buss bars" with multiple screw terminals, and then "T" all of your accessories off that. However those buss-bars are generally large and cumbersome, require lots of finicky crimp-ring-terminals. Worst of all, many of them are also completely uninsulated, leaving live metal screws exposed and presenting a short-circuit danger.

BT DieselWorks now offers a clean, insulated, safe, compact kit to easily tie all of your aftermarket accessories into one fuse tap. Accessories can also be easily disconnected and connected easily without having to cut/re-splice wires if you want to temporarily remove something or re-route wires. The pins that connect the accessories to the splice-pack are barely bigger than the outside diameter of the wire itself, so its easy to run wires without getting those big clumsy crimp/ring terminals stuck on things behind the dash.

Up to 11 accessories can be tied into one splice pack. Use one for all of your power needs and one for all of your ground needs!

The splice pack kit can handle up to 20 amps total accessory load, as well as extra room for thicker gauge wires.

Kits are available "pre-assembled", where you cut and splice your accessories' wiring onto the pre-crimped pins, or "DIY" where the pins are separate and you crimp the pins directly onto your accessories' wiring yourself using pliars or a crimping tool. Also included is a fuse-tap kit with 10amp or 20amp fuse.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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