Blower motor resistor wiring harness

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 A very common dangerous problem on 2003-2007 GM trucks and SUV's with manual HVAC controls is loose connections/short circuits in the connector going to the blower motor resistor pack.

The pins/connectors can wear out and heat up, sometimes resulting in melted connectors or even a fire. If you ever smell smoke or burning plastic when the HVAC blower motor is on, your HVAC blower motor is inoporative, or the blower motor continues to run when the truck is off, discontinue using the HVAC blower IMMEDIATELY and inspect the connector on the blower motor resistor pack for evidence of short circuit or melted connectors.

Even if you do not experience these dangerous symptoms, it is a good idea to inspect your connector so you can fix any potential problems before they put your truck at risk of fire.

BT DieselWorks offers a "kit" to repair this connector easily and safely. Crimp connectors are included, although it is recommended that you solider the connections and insulate with heat-shrink tubing.

NOTE: This applies to "manual" HVAC systems only. Trucks with automatic/digital climate control HVAC do not have this problem, as the blower motor control system is completely different.

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

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