Automotive wire (TXL)

    This store collection showcases all of the available miscellaneous  electrical connectors and other wiring-harness related items for your late model gas/diesel GM truck or SUV. 

    We only sell genuine OEM-grade "TXL" automotive wire.

    This "TXL" wire is NOT THE SAME wire that you buy at local auto parts stores! The so-called "automotive primary wire" that you find at local parts stores/RadioShack/etc is NOT rated to OEM specs for automotive wiring. This cheap common "primary wire" does not have the same high-heat/flammability rating, the insulation is not as resistive to oil/grease/chemicals, and the wire itself is not as flexible as genuine automotive "TXL" wire. Even just holding the two in your hand, you know how the OEM wiring in your truck just has a certain "feel" that the generic "primary wire" lacks...the "TXL" wire that we sell is the real deal! Not to mention, we stock many hard-to-find colors so you can make your installation clean and match up with factory wiring colors. 

    Additional colors/custom striping available by request! 

  • Splice-pack/accessory wiring kit Splice-pack/accessory wiring kit

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