Duramax/Allison standalone wiring harness

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    BT DieselWorks offers a custom harness building/modification service to convert your stock Duramax engine harness for standalone operation. This is an essential item to have when retrofitting a Duramax into a non-GM vehicle/offroad buggy/hot rod. Upon receipt of your stock/unmodified/uncut harness, the harness will be disassembled, and all non-essential wiring is completely removed (not just cutoff/hanging connectors) for a clean appearance. Any loose/discintigrated/worn out factory harness electrical tape and/or loom is also replaced if need be. Standalone harnesses can be setup for use with either manual transmission (or non-electronic automatic transmission) or a factory Allison transmission configuration. Factory cruise control can be maintained as well.

    A custom fuseblock and relays are integrated into the harness in order to fully delete the factory GM underhood fuse box. Extra long wires are added for ignition power, battery power, check engine light, starter, tach signal, speedometer signal, OBD-port, and brake pedal signal. Each wire is carefully marked for easy installation into your custom vehicle build. Only the best parts are used to modify/complete the harness, such as 3M Super33+ Professional Grade electrical tape, OEM-quality automotive-rated TXL primary wire, and properly-sealed heat-shrink-tubing.

    Also included in the price of LLY/LBZ/LMM harnesses is a custom ECM base tune. (LB7 pre-flashed ECM is +$100) I will reflash a custom base tune into your ECM to disable the anti-theft/VATS, as well as disable nuisance check-engine lights that would otherwise be automatically set by the ECM for not being installed in a factory GM truck. You can then further modify the ECM tune with EFILive or HP Tuners to increase horsepower, etc. There is a lot of labor and detail that goes into these custom harnesses, please allow 3-4 weeks turnaround time!

---Prices start at $849, please contact me via email (btdieselworks@gmail.com) before placing order!---

The starting price listed includes the harness modification service and associated parts/materials only! Price does not include the stock harness or ECM/TCM (if using an Allison). You must provide a stock unmodified good-condition harness, as well as an ECM/TCM. Prices do NOT include shipping or additional harness options.

Please fill out and email me the following form (downloadable in PDF format), so I can customize the harness to your exact specifications/needs: DURAMAX STANDALONE HARNESS FORM (click here)

Please click the "Installation Guides" link on the top menu bar to download installation instructions in PDF format.

All BT DieselWorks-manufactured products are fully-warrantied for 1 year. Products from other manufacturers may or may not have specific warranties. See individual product descriptions for details.

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